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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is actually the corporate image of every business.

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Benefits of Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity benefits an organization in myriad ways. An organization that invests in developing a solid corporate identity says to its customer “we are here to stay.” It’s a sign of longevity, which is not only attractive to customers, but also is desirable to potential investors. It’s an indicator that an is serious about being successful, that it is reliable in the industry.

The Importance of Corporate Identity

Basically, corporate and brand identities are an expression and reflection of an organizations’s culture, character, personality, and its products and services – inspiring trust with consumers, employees, suppliers, partners and investors. In the middle of the 20th century, the development of visual identity systems became mainstay in almost all branding initiatives.

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Visual Identity. Corporate Identity to Brand Identity

If corporate identity is the physical look of your brand, brand identity is how the company wants the brand to be seen. This could incorporate a sense of personality or values and also the features and benefits of the products or services of your brand. It is worth mentioning that the brand identity naturally lends itself to incorporating the culture, goals and objectives of the company. For example, Google has a vibrant, fun, innovative culture and work place which is also shown in their brand and corporate identity.

Brand image is how the customer actually perceives and interprets your brand. It may not necessarily be the same as the brand identity. A customer can recognize the logo of a brand which can instantly evoke a feeling of trust. A good example is Coca Cola – you see the logo, you instantly know you are getting a quality product.

Advantages of Corporate Identity and Brand Identity

Brand Identity Design is the creation of the visual identity, “The Branding”, for a company and/or its clients. As Brand Identity Designers we create everything from logos and marketing collateral, to promotional materials, and even advertising campaigns that establish a recognizable corporate identity.

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